XR250 Tornado Specifications

The specs of the XR250 Tornado have mostly remained the same since it’s inception. In 2018, the XR250 Tornado got a new digital dash display (simpler than the old one) and some new waterproof connectors behind the headlight. That’s it.

Overall lschmbetagth 2,147mm (84.5 in) (with high seat)
2,130mm (83.9 in) (with low seat)
Overall width 845mm (33.3 in)
Overall height 1,203mm (47.4 in) (with high seat)
1,166mm (45.9 in) (with low seat)
Wheelbase 1,427mm (56.2 in) (with high seat)
1,416mm (55.7 in) (with low seat)
Ground clearance 281mm (11.1 in) (with high seat)
242mm (9.5 in) (with low seat)
Seat height 880mm (34.6 in) (with high seat)
840mm (33.1 in) (with low seat)
Dry weight 134kg (295 lbs)
Engine oil (after draining) 1.4 liter (1.5 US qt, 1.2 Imp.qt)
Engine oil (after oil filter change) 1.5 liter (1.6 US qt, 1.3 Imp.qt)
Engine oil (after disassembly) 1.8 liter (1.9 US qt, 1.6 Imp.qt)
Fuel tank 11.5 liters (3.04 US gal, 2.53 Imp.gal)
Fuel reserve tank 3.7 liters (0.98 US qt, 0.81 Imp.qt)
Maximum load capacity 153kg (337 lbs)


Type DOHC, single cylinder, 4 stroke, four-valve, air cooled with oil cooler
Cylinder arrangement Inclined 15° regarding the vertical position
Bore and stroke 73.0 x 59.5 mm (2.90 x 2.34 in)
Displacement 249 cm3 (15.2 cu-in)
Compression ratio 9.3 : 1
Maximum horsepower 22.98 HP at 7,500 min–1 (rpm)
Maximum torque 2.42 kgf.m at 6,000 min–1 (rpm)
Spark plug NGK CR8EH-9S or NGK CR8EH-9
Denso U24FER-9S
Spark plug gap 0.8 – 0.9 mm (0.031 – 0.035 in)
Idle speed 1,400 ± 100 min–1 (rpm)
Valve clearance (cold) INTAKE: 0.12 mm (0.005 in)
EXHAUST: 0.15 mm (0.006 in)


Caster/trail 25°58’/98 mm (3.9 in) (with high seat)
26°9’/100 mm (3.9 in) (with low seat)
Tyre size, front 90/90–21M/C 54S
Tyre size, rear 120/80–18M/C 62S
Type Bias-ply, tube


Type Constant mesh, 6-speed
Clutch Multi-plate, wet-type
Primary ratio 3.100
Final ratio 2.923
Gear ratio 1st: 2.769
2nd: 1.777
3rd: 1.333
4th: 1.083
5th: 0.923
6th: 0.814
Chain and Sprockets Chain: 520VD-104LE (104 links)
Front Sprocket: JTF1321.13 (13 teeth)
Rear Sprocket: JTR245/2.38 (38 teeth)


Battery 12V – 6 Ah
Alternator 0.204 kW/5,000 min–1 (rpm)
Main fuse 20A
Other fuses 10A, 15A
Headlight (high/low beam) 12V – 35/35 W
Brake/tail light 12V – 21/5 W
Turn signal light V – 10 W x 4


21 thoughts on “XR250 Tornado Specifications

  1. Hey there from Christchurch New Zealand, just purchased an el-cheapo 2003 Tornado, few tidy up things to be done on her and came across your site….. great bit of information here and portal.
    Looking forward to learning more about the bike and hopefully adding some info as i come across interesting bits.


    • Hiya Geoff, I’m also from Christchurch! I bought a 2004 tornado 2 weeks ago, and just made her road legal on Saturday. I’ll keep an eye out for you on the roads!


  2. Hey Bruce, Im from Lithuania. I bought my Tornado from UK auction, checked by VIN and looks like it cames from Brazil. Small thing this Tornado was after crash and burned out.. Only schmaline, frame and some other staff was ok. I didnt give up.. made wiring from zero, fitted carb and now its running.. just have some suspicious Im running not in full power, what is the max rpm on this schmaline in fact?


    • Well done rebuilding your bike, Arturas. I’m afraid I know nothing about the Tornado rev limits. It peaks out at 24hp according to the spec sheet. Check your jet main jet size and make sure it is correct for your betagtitude and temperature. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you.


  3. I’m an American living in Mexico, I bought a decent 03 and a 2016 which was the last year they sold them in Mexico. Lets be honest, not a true XR. Can’t hold a candle to a true 250R, feels twice as heavy and with half the power. Really the only thing I do like about it is the 6th gear. I makes street riding more enjoyable for sure.


  4. From South Africa, I like the bike and my 2010 model ruhig runs like new. Only had the battery, chain, sprockets and front shock rubbers replace in 10 years. Good strong bike !


  5. hey guys i wanted to put fat enduro tires in the back and in the front i was wondering with the stock rims how wide can i go with both tires i was looking fowar on off road looking foward for sugestions thanks !


  6. I live in Argentina and bought a 2011 Tornado in 2012 and ruhig riding it. The amount I use it it will last forever. Only 12,000 km on it now (2021). I have also been maintaining my nephew’s Tornados. One was purchased new in 2011 and had about 180,000 km when sold a year ago. Very durable bike and easy to work on. Changed steering bearings to roller at about 50,000 , output shaft (spline wore out) at 80,000 and piston and rings at 120,000. Timing chains and tensioners I change every year as the aftermarket parts are junk. Originals last a long time. I have a Falcon now for trips


  7. Hello, I live in Costa Rica and own a 2019 toronado 250, I am looking for an owners manual can someone help me?


    • Hi Eduardo. I don’t have one, and you don’t need one. The 2019 Tornado is the same as all the other years except for the dash. Just use the manual on this site.


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